FIRST TIME IN FIRST CLASSPerhaps, in a child’s life is no longer a single moment when would be so drastically and dramatically changed his life, as when they start school. Between preschool and early school life lies a huge gap, and in an instant it can not win, even if the child was attending preparatory courses and ready to learn. Parents need tremendous patience and tact to one day no child said: “Everything! More in school will not go! ”
How to make so that September 1 is not a shock to your child and become a joyful and full of discovery day. Continue reading

Jump into reality. Revelation for future popesNature of the problems plaguing both men and women, in most cases associated with a family theme. One of the most topical issues of concern to the stronger sex, “How to build relationships within the family after the birth of a child?”.
Answers to the question Tkachev Marina L., clinical psychologist of the highest qualification category, Family systemic therapist, member of the Public League professional psychotherapy, psychological director of the agency “Anima”, a leading specialist magazine “Family Health”: Continue reading

My talented kidStudying different books for parents, sooner or later you will run into the phrase “early development”. Be sure to stop look, think about it. The term is not entirely successful as initially contains a negative assessment – understanding the “early” as “premature.” And, nevertheless, such a designation of a number of copyright and group techniques settled for decades, maybe just because it is “catchy” eyes.
In the understanding of most adults ‘early’ class simply mean that parents become involved with the children in a particular procedure, when others around (at the same age and children under the same conditions) and even did not think that the baby can learn to approach seriously. Sure, the baby without your help to learn to crawl, walk. Continue reading

"Mom does not fool around?"Young parents inevitably raises questions: how best to educate a child, how to help him grow into a healthy, how often it is necessary to take the child in his arms, whether to run on each of his screaming and crying, or restraint to excessive parental affection was not the cause of spoiled child.
What is the measure of parental love? The ability to listen to their parental feelings and notice a change in the child. It is essential for emotional and intellectual development of the baby.
One of the main tasks of the parents in infancy – to give your child confidence in the world. How can he feel it? Feeling the warmth and touch of your hands. From tactile contact depend pace of development of the child – develop the senses of touch, contribute to psychological progress baby. Of course, provided that the baseline need solved – in food safety. So often take the baby in his arms (not just when he cries). Do not be afraid to spoil the child. Crumb will know that next support – worth it to cry, and he will get it. Mama hugs vital child! Continue reading

Little liarKids clear eyes looking at you so earnestly and sincerely lie. The first reaction – of course, outrage, because many times you told him that you can not cheat, read this tale, and like a child understand everything … first naive lie – it’s not a problem, on the contrary, it is an indicator showing a certain stage of development child. You could say that the child lies – the downside ability to fantasize, ie beginning of abstract thinking. In our country, the parents formed a pedagogical tradition blame and punish cheating even the smallest child. World practice considers the case from a different angle: if the kid is trying to get his deception, which means he already intellectually outgrown the age when kids get things done using emotional pressure – tantrums, crying, begging. Continue reading

Traps "If you behave yourself ..."Many adults use the word “good” as praise: “That’s a good girl,” “You look so good, so I’ll let you go for a walk.” Sometimes it’s a compliment, to express a child against another child: “Why can not you be as good as a brother?”. The child who is persuaded to become “good”, is likely to be confused by the last remark, that of all the “good” that makes a brother, an adult has in mind? In fact, for the children’s understanding of what adults want, talk about the “good” is worse than useless. Statement: “Be good, not …” – adults considered sufficient warning. However, the child is very often lost. Continue reading

Pocket moneyWhy baby money? At what age can give children money? What may be the amount? Such questions often concern parents.
Let’s start with a definition of what is in the child’s pocket money. Pocket money – it’s a certain amount of money which is at the disposal of the child.
Money child needs to feel the personality in the world of self-sufficient adults. If a child can not by itself at least occasionally buy himself what he likes, he will experience negative emotions. He may develop greed, envy toward other children, an inferiority complex. Continue reading

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